What is Bitcoin’s greatest strength?

These are times of great uncertainty in and out of the crypto world. As humanity faces the greatest health crisis it has had on its hands for more than a century. Within the crypto market, the price of Bitcoin continues to trigger controversy even among the community’s own analysts. That’s why Anthony Pompliano’s words in his podcast 301 are important, when he reminds us that Bitcoin’s greatest strength is its community.

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A difficult time in the world
Who can predict with complete certainty what will happen in three months‘ time? If 2020 has taught us anything since its inception, it is that anything can happen. This year has brought us pandemics, geopolitical conflicts, mass protests, and the greatest global economic recession since the 1929 Crash.

But without a doubt, the central news of the year 2020 has been the Coronavirus crisis. A disease that has brought humanity to its knees. Forcing millions of people around the world to take shelter in their homes to protect their health. Leading to a disruption of commercial and productive activities so severe that it has forced the world’s governments to launch billion-dollar plans to try and keep their economies afloat.

Against this backdrop, nothing can be taken for granted. Indeed, one of the most important predictions for this year 2020 is an inflationary wave in fiat money. In the face of the massive monetary emission in which the central banks of Europe, Japan and the United States are immersed. In what for many analysts, including Anthony Pompliano, would be the perfect recipe for hyperinflation.

In this context, what can be expected from Bitcoin? After all, if the global economy is suffering in a way never seen before. It is normal to wonder whether the cryptomoney will be strong enough to stand up. Or if, on the contrary, it will fall together with the other currencies of the world.

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The crypto community: Bitcoin’s greatest strength
However, the answer to this question seems to have already been answered by the crypto community. Which, even in the midst of the strong economic crisis, is living a climate of pure optimism. With the majority of its members expecting increases in the price of Bitcoin. As well as a renewed drive to massify its use.

And the explanation to this phenomenon was given by Anthony Pompliano in his podcast, talking about Bitcoin’s greatest strength. Well, as the crypto-influence comments, Bitcoin Future follows the same rules as all other currencies. That is, its value lies in people’s belief. Therefore, with a community as committed as the one in cryptology, we can expect the value of Bitcoin to be maintained.

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