Alderman candidate uses bitcoin in his name but has no cryptomeda

Magno Luiz Santana Lima, 22, lives in the municipality of Magé, Rio de Janeiro

Magno Luiz Santana Lima, 22, resident in the municipality of Magé, Rio de Janeiro, and candidate for councilor by the Republicans, inserted in his campaign name the term ‚Bitcoin‘.

As the data from his candidacy, registered at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), show, this is the first time that Lima is running for election. The list of assets, which is compulsory for all candidates for elective office, contains nothing, not even Bitcoin.

In his social network accounts, the candidate for alderman appears as ‚Magno do Bitcoin‘. However, in his publications there is nothing associated with cryptomime.

On Facebook, he says he studied production engineering and works for the company Line Coaching. In addition, he says he lives in Rio de Janeiro, the capital.

Magno Bitcoin

According to data from the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro (TRE/RJ), in the last elections in Magé, the most voted alderman candidate obtained 3,459 votes, representing 2.62% of the 178,009 voters. From the party of Magno, former PRB, the most voted candidate received 1,304 votes (0.99%), but was not elected.

In this election, as determined by the Electoral Justice, Magno Bitcoin can spend up to R$ 123,938.93 in his campaign – the legal limit on spending. The report even spoke with the candidate on Monday (29) for Whatsapp. Magno promised to return, but did not respond until the publication of this text.

Bitcoin in the elections

In the last elections, among the 23,812 candidates, seven said they had Bitcoin, according to a survey made by the Bitcoin Portal at the time.

The database released by the TSE showed that the sum of declared cryptomorphs exceeded R$70,000 (US$70,000).
See the complete list by clicking here.

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